Teeth are missing or lost early may later cause problems of various kinds, if you do not take adequate precautions. Teeth may be missing for various reasons. One of the most common causes is the lack of facilities to the profession. This applies particularly to the teeth on each side of the two teeth in the mouth and over the front small cheek teeth in the mouth under. Another reason is that the teeth do not break up due to lack of space. They are so 'wrapped' in the jaw bone, but fully develop

Earlier, it was plain that it withdrew Kari infected teeth out. Today we can see why middle-aged people with the space between the front cheek teeth extracted after præmolarer or molarer. The commonest reason is that we have lost the tooth as a result of dental solution or in connection with an accident.

Missing teeth due to lack of facilities or teeth that can not break up due to lack of space gives rare genes. If a child or adult rather lose a tooth as a result of an accident, or if you pull a tooth out in adulthood, causing a hole in the tooth row, which eventually cause problems with tygningen. The opposing tooth in the second jaw has a tendency to grow down into the hole after missing tooth. Chewable Movement is both vertical and horizontal. HVI

The teeth which are closest to the middle section also has a tendency to pour into the space. Leftovers put themselves in that way easily settled between the sloping teeth and gums and it can be difficult to keep the place clean. This leads to an increased risk of dental caries and inflammation of the gums.


By regular dental visits discovers, for example. teeth are not normally break up and can treat the condition. By regular inspection can also avoid the extensive damage to the teeth that they need to be retired and the above problems arise. Has it been difficult to chew or seeing the jaws lock, you should go to the dentist.


Missing a dental facility and this is discovered early, you can at tooth-regulatory move adjacent teeth, so they fill the resultant space. Is it the case with teeth beside the two teeth, we can move forward and corner teeth grinding them, so they come to look like incisors. Then move Monday cheek teeth forward. Teeth are not breaking up because of lack of space treated with relining, where you may have to pull some teeth out and then help the tooth to the breach of



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