As the ideal present confines itself to the teeth are straight in a smooth arc in the jaw. When one bites together, sticking fortænderne in over their mouths outside fortænderne in taking mouth, and cheek teeth interfere evenly into each other.

Such idealbid does not exist in reality. One reason for this is that we inherit different characteristics from our parents, and these characteristics do not always fit together. This creates a compressed tooth position, if the teeth are too big compared to the jaw. Teeth can only find a place where they are at oblique either in or out of the dental arch or overlap. If the jaws opposite is too large relative to the teeth, resulting in the spaces between teeth.

Irregular tooth position is not only due to hereditary factors, but can also be purchased. Together pressure tooth position can be so because the milk teeth were pulled out too early, and the new teeth are therefore not guided properly into place. Missing for example. milk teeth in the side, will the permanent cheek teeth wander forward in the dental arch and fill gaps. This gives space for the permanent incisors and corner teeth, which breaks up in 11-13 years of age. It can and

Together pressure tooth position entails, in addition to aesthetic and functional problems, it becomes harder to keep teeth clean. This may lead to an increased risk of dental caries and inflammation of the gums.


Irregular tooth position is easiest to treat childhood and early youth. You may well make relining in adults if they are willing to go with arch in 1-2 years. Today, however brackets - arch lock - in glass which is not very visible. Relining equipment can also be placed on the back of the teeth. One must expect to have to go a very long time with a small arch keeps the teeth in their new positions. At very big mistake posts as large over-or u


If we as adults have less problems, the dentist can drag one or more teeth out and create a new tooth position to rectify any possible bid or a condensed error Asked teeth. Adults have increasingly focused their teeth, and there is no reason to be ashamed of it.

If, in an adult age has serious flaws posts in the teeth or jaw, it may be necessary to operate to fix the problem. You can move some teeth and fragments of jaw bone. You can also insert crowns or bridges (see at the dentist) to address the problem. In children may be simpler error posts directed at the dentist, while more complex cases tend to be treated by a specialist in orthodontics.

A study includes X-ray photography of the jaws to check if all teeth are and how they are located. There are also images of tandbuerne, so you can follow their progress.

The main tool for relining are different types of tooth hangers. They can be fixed or loose. Tooth hangers are stapled to individual teeth and equipped with springs, which affects the teeth you want to move. This way you can, depending on need wring a tooth, moving it sideways, forward or backward in the tooth row. Roll bar can also be fitted with hooks that keep your teeth fixed in a particular position, so they do not walk around in space after the loss of milk teeth. There are also using

Treatment is usually in the 11-13 years of age and can take around. two years. During the treatment requires frequent visits to the dentist, who must verify the efficacy of tandbøjlen and tighten the springs as the teeth move. Sometimes, it is also necessary to pull teeth out to make room in the tooth row.



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