Gum inflammation caused by bacteria, which puts it in the tooth in the gums and the edge between the teeth and form soft surfaces, plaque. The bacteria form the substance of their turnover married, affecting gums, which become inflamed, reddish and close to form a pocket between the tooth and gums. Pocket makes gather additional bacterial coatings and inflammation worsens. In this way the disease is continuing the process, if not treated.


Fresh gum is tight and pale and has a nubret surface. Fresh gums bleed never when brushing their teeth. By inflammation of the gums are the red, raised, soft, shiny and bleed easily when tooth brushing. Tandkødsbetændelser If not treated, will be deeper pockets around the teeth, and inflammation when eventually also jaw bone, which then attacked. This leads to parodontose. Do we have the symptoms of inflammation of the gums, you should contact the dentist.


By day to brush your teeth and using the toothpick or wire rack to make cleaning between the teeth, you can keep them free of bacterial coatings and prevent inflammation of the gums. Sometimes, you can check his tooth brushing with color tablets (see Cleaning).

At the dentist:

Gum inflammation treated only by the fact that daily tooth brushing removes the bacterial coatings formed on the teeth. Doctor can create the conditions for a good oral hygiene by removing tartar (see at the dentist) and make the transition between the fillings and tooth surface as smooth as possible. In addition, the patient can get instructions on how he is in the best way to eliminate bacterial coating on teeth.

All cases of gingivitis goes away when you have created the conditions for removing bacterial coating and has improved mouth hygiene.



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