Turn on the outer kept clean by the tongue and cheeks rubbed against them when we chew and talk. Dental gaps and the transition between crown and root lying at the edge gums can not be cleaned in this manner, but must Brush clean. If we are sloppy with tooth brushing, there is very coating on these sites. Coating called plaque and consists of bacteria that form a Smooth w / Tack substance that takes notice to the tooth surface. The bacteria degrades the sugar in food and produces acids, as corrosive enamel,

If Kari attack is not treated, it goes through the enamel into dentinet. In dentinet is defined channels that lead into the pulp. The bacteria are put through these channels to pulp, thus infected. In order to control the infection occurs is an inflammation of the pulp, blood vessels expand to increase blood flow and supply the pulp with white blood cells that can render harmless bacteria. As a result of this increased pressure in the pulp, which is an enclosed space, whose nerves so pressed together, so


A Kari attack in a tooth gives no early symptoms. As the attack goes deeper, there is shooting and easy toothache when you eat something sweet, hot or cold. When Kari attack is really deep, it gets a permanent toothache and a bad taste in your mouth. The bad taste is because the leftovers are packed together in the hole in the tooth and decay. Tooth Pinene becomes more intense when lying down. In many cases, it may be difficult to determine which tooth, causing pain.


Caries poses no direct threat to the general health condition. However, it can be seriously, if you suffer from heart disease. If bacteria from an infected tooth through the blood when the heart, it can cause bacterial endokarditis. If the blood due to illness like. haemophilia have difficulty clotting, you should talk to the dentist about it before treatment. Challenged teeth gives considerable discomfort in the form of toothache and difficulty in chewing food. In the long term leads to caries also loss of teeth


The best thing you can do is to prevent dental caries by maintaining a good oral hygiene (see Cleaning). Brush your teeth and use dental line every day, avoiding sugary snacks, reducing sugar content in food, use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen enamel and go regularly to the dentist.


A Kari attacks seen only as a white speck in dynamometer, which eventually will have a "kridtet" appearance. At this time, Kari attack stopped by thorough tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Once the surface is broken and there is a real defect, a hole in the surface should be taken by the dentist, so the hole does not continue into the pulp with a toothache to follow.

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