Teeth can become discolored for many different reasons.

It is normal that the teeth are more yellow, as we grow old, and teeth with the death of pulp and hence rodbehandlede teeth have a greyish hue. Teeth can also become discolored by different surfaces, caused for example. cigarette smoke, tea and coffee. Certain types of discoloration can be mineralization disorders, which can be caused by various infectious diseases during childhood.

Mineraliseringsforstyrrelser can also be caused by medication with tetracycline, an antibiotic. In some regions of the world where there is a very high content of fluorine in drinking water, the public can get brown spots on the teeth. It is called fluorosis, but the discoloration does not occur to the fluor small quantities, used to strengthen the teeth.


Discolored coverings removed by that cut them off with a rotating rubber roller and polishing paste. Less mineraliseringsforstyrrelser can be filled with a filling material, while larger areas without enamel may be replaced with a crown (see at the dentist).



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