Parodontose caused by an inflammation of the gums, which is not discussed. By gingivitis assembled bacteria and tartar in the pocket, which occurs when the tooth by gums increase. The bacteria attack and slowly destroys the tissue to sanction the tooth to the jaw bone. The jaw bone is degraded, so bone edges around the teeth sinking ever further down against the tooth rodspids. Parodontose leading eventually to the teeth becoming loose and fall out. The problem is common when you become an adult, and r


A gingivitis, which develops into parodontose, making it very difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. Degradation Products from bacteria that live in the deep pockets around the teeth gives a bad taste in your mouth and bad breath. As the disease progresses to loose teeth. Tandhalsene very gradually, which can cause stabbing pain when you eat hot, cold or sweet dishes. Sometimes can form a rodabsces, which can lead to more of the bone destruction


Parodontose lead to teeth falling out. We will be forced to replace them with a helprotese.


Parodontose can usually stop it before your teeth fall out. If you have symptoms of the disease and do not go regularly to the dentist, should ensure the earliest to come under consideration. To investigate how extensive the damage is, the dentist takes an X-ray of the teeth and can see how much of the jaw bone has been damaged.


Follow the instructions given at Oral care. Brush particularly well where teeth and gums meet.

At the dentist:

In a few cases where the disease has come under treatment at an early stage, it is often enough to remove tartar that make it easier for bacteria to get cement on the tooth surface, and to instruct patients on how he should do to really get cleaned mouth.

In difficult cases, where pockets around the teeth is very deep and part of the Firing fixtures in the jaw bone is lost, one must resort to surgery to restore normalcy in the mouth. Man cuts as part of the gums away, forming pockets around the teeth. A gum surgery is performed under local anesthetic at the dentist or a Special. After the operation, placed a protective seal over the operated area. Package will be seated in 1-2 weeks, while gums heal. The u



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