Definition and causes

Pylorus is the narrow transition between the stomach and gut and is also known as the lower abdominal foot. It consists of a close muscle, which under normal circumstances is closed. It opened by the passage of food or liquid.

Pyloric stenosis means a further narrowing of this area, which could hamper passage of food and liquid.

Pyloric stenosis can be congenital (see Native error in the digestive organs), or it may occur as a complication of peptic ulcer or cancer of the stomach or gut.

It often differentiates between the pyloric stenosis is transient (pylorusspasme- Eg. because of a wound near that area will have to lift up) or because of permanent scarring and subsequent shrinkage after healing of previous ulcers or cancer.

Symptoms of pyloric stenosis

The symptoms of pyloric stenosis is caused by the stones Osen completely or partially prevent the passage of food and liquid with the lead of the stomach to follow.

  • Growing nausea.

  • Large vomiting containing only partially fordøjede food residues.

  • Mode relieved after vomiting.

  • Weight loss if the state has been going on for a long time.

  • Long-term hiccups.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you are experiencing these symptoms should seek medical advice.

The diagnosis is made easy by a kikkertundersøgelse combined with the removal of a tissue (biopsy) to rule out ulcers or cancer.

Treatment of disease

If the condition is due to a pylorusspasme because of a nearby wound, can often treat a medical condition (it treats stomach years).

If medical treatment has no effect, we must operate. The operation is called aselectivegastricvagotomi. It is the nerve supply to the acid-producing part of the stomach be cut so that acid production is reduced, and abdominal years and subsequent disappearance of pyloric stenosis.

If the condition is permanent scarring after, to make a so-calledpyloroplastik, Which by a cut over cutting some of the muscle fibers in the pylorus, making the opening bigger. You can also make agastroenteroanatomose(GEA), where part of the gut brought up to the lower part of the stomach before pylorus, thus creating a connection between the stomach and intestine without the pylorus.

You can also try their hand at a so-calledballonudvidelseWhere you sink a small non-inflated balloon and then inflate the balloon slowly, so throat expanded. The efficacy of therapy is debatable, however, since throat often returns.

Select and complications of the disease

Is throat significant, it will eventually lead to weight loss and frequent vomiting can lead to dehydration and disturbances in the body's salt balance.






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