Definition and causes

Thrush due to infection in oral precancer mucosa with gærsvampearten Candida albicans. In essence, the designation reserved for candidiasis thrush in children, but eventually used the term for infection of all ages. Candida albicans found naturally in the mouth at around. 50%, and do not normally give rise to infection.

Candidiasis, or justcandida, A result only if mundfloraen changed, or whose immune system is weakened.
This is seen by example.:

  • Diabetes.

  • Chemotherapy.

  • Long-term antibiotic use.

  • Drug addiction.

  • Malnutrition.

  • Steroid.

  • AIDS.

Almost everyone who uses dentures, have candida albicans but are not necessarily bothered by it. Especially if the prosthesis is not adapted completely, so the jar against the mucous membranes, there is a risk of development of candida.

Symptoms of thrush

Thrush is shown by the white whipped cream-like spots on the tongue, throat and mouth mucous membrane. The stains are slightly elevated compared to the healthy mucosa, and are easily flushed around. Thrush makes little or not at all hurt. Dredges Monday in the sponge, remove the white layer easily, and the underlying tissue becomes red, easy bleeding and painful.

In the elderly and people with a prosthesis, candida can emerge as pale red cracks in mundvigene, calledPerlèche.

Precautions and diagnosis

Diagnosis made on the typical image and possibly. by a fungal scraping. Since candida is not a common disease in healthy people, it is important to try to find the underlying cause. Flare of candida may be the first symptom of more serious diseases, and it is therefore important to seek medical attention in case of suspicion.

Do we have the immunocompromised and get an infection with candida, it is important to get a cough, it might spread to other organs, for example. lungs and gastrointestinal.

Treatment of thrush

For the treatment of candida used a antimycoticum (cough), for example. Mycostatin, which can be sprayed into the mouth. Fungal infection will go down within a few days. More importantly, it is to find the underlying cause / disease.

Select and complications

The fungal infection will usually go smoothly and be completed in a few days with the right treatment.

Serious complications are rare and occurs when the patient already has a weakened immune system. It is about gastrointestinal candida with pain and bloody diarrhea, fungal pneumonia and blood poisoning with candidasvamp in the blood.


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