A saliva stone formed by salt, which is excreted from saliva. Such stones can be completely or partially clog a saliva time, so saliva, which are excreted in the glands, can not be emptied into the mouth, but remains in the salivary gland. Glands will be suspended by saliva. The symptom occurs mainly in connection with meals, where excretion of saliva is greatest. Saliva Stone formed mostly in the salivary gland, which lies under the tongue, but the disease is relatively uncommon.

The disease is more common in middle-aged and elderly people.


Get swelling under the chin or in the lower rear part, you should consult a doctor and have it investigated. Should emphasis at mealtime, is a sure sign of obstruction of a saliva again. An X-ray can tell whether the cause. If you are unsure, a sialogram (X-ray of the salivary gland) reveal the stone. In some cases you can by using CT scanning - or ultrasound examination make the diagnosis.




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