Definition and cause

Any lesion of the mouth will lead to a mouth. Most mouth similar, but the background for the wounded may differ widely. The main causes of mouth is:

  • Wounds after external influences. It was observed by bite, by irritation from a sharp tooth, poorly regulated prosthesis mm.

  • After. Approximately 2-3 millimeters large wound with white-yellow center and red, highlighted the rand zone. Often multiple and very painful. Small after it, as most callBlister. We do not know the full reason for juices, but it is believed that there may be an autoimmune component in it (the body's immune system attacks its own cells). They are frequently seen in the context of stressful situations, and in women is associated with menstrual period. They provide no scars and disappear after about. 1 week.

  • Infections wounds. Often associated with viral infection. It may be normal cold viruses, giving redness and soreness. More powerful reaction seen by Herpes simplex and Herpes zoster infection. Bacterial infections with other streptococci or staphylococci can also give mouth. As well as fungal infection, which predominantly seen with the fungus candida albicans.

  • When tumors. Wounds that will not throughout the course of 3 weeks, may be the first symptom of cancer in the oral cavity.

Symptoms of mouth

Most mouth will be highly troublesome and painful. Depending on the location and number of wounds will give eat or swallow the pain. Simple wounds after the bite will heal quickly. After taking a little longer. Infectious ulcers can be very painful, and accompanied by malaise and fever. The lymph nodes in the neck would be sore and swollen. Wounds of tumor may provide very little pain. There may be uømme thickening or nodules in the mucous membranes of the mouth or tongue.

Precautions and diagnosis

All will have to have a wound in the mouth. The risk of infectious wounds can to some extent mitigated by good hygiene and avoiding close contact with persons with sore throat, cold and more.
Simple wounds heal by itself, and there is no need to be inspected by a doctor. Is Monday while unwell and feverish, a doctor at a grafting in the mouth and possible. A blood test to examine whether there is an infection and possibly. what kind.

Seeing you sow, who for several weeks not want the whole, it is important to consult a doctor. It may be the first symptom of cancer. The physician can select multiple studies, including a tissue (biopsy), who can tell whether the cells are normal. Is the reason an inappropriate prosthesis or a sharp tooth, it is a task for the dentist.

Treatment of mouth

The vast majority of wounds require no treatment, and heal by itself within one to two weeks. Often without scarring. Hot drinks can relieve the pain.
Heavy juices may be alleviated with mouth rinse and possibly. steroidcreme.
Infections wounds can be treated with antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals.

Select and complications

Almost always straightforward process. When herpes infection is a risk that the disease flaring up again at a later date.








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