Oral cavity are covered with a mucous membrane, which moistened by saliva. Spyttet excreted from the three pairs of salivary gland. Two of them are at the bottom of the mouth, and the third pair consists of ørespytkirtlerne, which is the largest. Spyttet flows through kirtelgange, as in every gland culminates in a big way saliva, which empties into the oral cavity. Saliva production is strongest when we are going to eat, and it also stimulated by tygningen.

Tongue consists of a complex system of muscles, which gives it great movement. Tongue kept some food in your mouth so that it is properly chewed and mixed with saliva. When it is over, keep your tongue behind your food in the mouth so that it can be swallowed. Heavy back is covered with small tabs, papillae, as the taste buds is a part of. Taste The bulbs contain sense of taste cells to sweet, salty, sour and bitter taste. The sensory cells of the different flavor types are grouped in certain areas of heavy backs

Foot CAVE is also essential for speech ability. The lips and tongue position changed, shaped the sound produced by a voice tape in the larynx to the different sounds that make up speech.



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