Lichen planus is an inflammation of the mouth and manifests itself in several ways. Usually occurs only several small, bright tubers, which gradually blend into a fine, lofty network. In other cases, the changes instead behave as white, reddish, elevated spots. Lichen planus is usually localized to the cheeks or the tongue edge. Sometimes there is sting in the mouth or a taste of metal, but in many cases there are no symptoms.

Lichen planus think in many cases that arise from mental stress, stress, mechanical irritation from, for example. poorly seated prostheses (see Form) and immunological diseases. Often the cause is unclear, however.

Lichen planus of the oral cavity is not a normal condition. The changes may occur in adults, but is most common among middle-aged and older women. In half the cases of Lichen planus of the oral cavity, there are changes elsewhere on the body (see Lichen planus).


If you get symptoms of Lichen planus they usually occur suddenly. Each mucosal change in the oral cavity, which does not disappear within ten days, should make for a dental visit. Lichen planus is usually a chronic recurrent disease, which can be managed medically, but not cured. An outbreak goods are usually for about nine months, but in rare cases can persist for several years.



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