Leukoplakier manifests itself in white patches of thickened tissue in the mouth or tongue mucosa. The name means white stain, and mucosal nature of change is largely unclear. Leukoplakier occurs sometimes as a result of wear from a sharp edge on a tooth, a detail of a prosthesis or in response due to tobacco smoke. Also snuff can give leukoplakiforandringer.


Leukoplakier develops slowly, often within a few weeks. They are white or greyish and may have varying sizes. In the beginning, there is no nuisance, but when leukoplakierne is fully developed, they may feel rough and tough and irritated by hot or heavily spiced food.

These mucosal changes can occur at any time in their lives, but are commonly among older men. Get mucosal changes of this type, you should let a doctor or dentist look at them since they in some cases are precursors to a more virulent disease.




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