Definition and cause

Cold due to infection withHerpes simplexvirus, usually type 1st The breaks tend to be on the transition between the lip and skin, but can also be seen in the mouth and other parts of the face. First comes the blistering, and when they burst, which formed wounds.

The first time you become infected, the virus can give ulcers in the mouth instead. It may be accompanied by fever and difficulty eating because of pain. Most, however, will have their first infection during childhood, and it can be so mild that you do not discover it. Hosp. it will only appear in the form of a little fever.

After an outbreak virus is dormant in nerve cells and may later flare up as cold and in rare cases such as herpes in the mouth. During the outbreak, the disease is highly contagious, but in hibernation periods spill is not.

There are two types of herpes simplex virus. Type 1 and 2, where the first type is the commonest of cold. Herpes on the genitals (herpes genitalis) is usually caused by herpes simplex virus type 2 and transmitted through sexual contact. By oral sex can herpes virus (both Type 1 and 2) transferred from the cold or herpes in the mouth to genitals and give genitalis herpes, or herpes on the genitals can be transferred and provide cold or herpes in the mouth.

Herpes labialis tend to erupt when the immune system is pressed. It appears, therefore, often taking a cold (hence the name) or other illness. Stress and direct sunlight also provokes outbreaks. Women have been frequent outbreaks during contraction. People with impaired immune systems, for example. HIV-infected, have more frequent herpes outbreaks.

Symptoms of cold

The course of an outbreak of cold products 1-3 weeks and can vary widely. Often the first symptom mild itching and irritation of the area. Subsequent development of small bladders, which grows and finally burst. There are formed sore wounds, which have scabs and heal up. Some experience herpes outbreak as in the mouth instead. Some experienced mild fever and malaise associated with the cold. "

Herpes virus may spread to other places on the skin during an outbreak, but it is rare. Herpes in the eye is a dangerous complication, because it can cause lasting damage to the cornea, and therefore must be treated quickly. Wounds around their lips leave no scars.

Most outbreaks have a couple of times a year, some are affected more often, maybe once a month. With some viruses never go into the outbreak after the first episode.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you are not infected with herpes simplex, one should avoid close contact with persons with cold in the outbreak. Ie avoid kisses, drinking from the same glass, sharing toothbrush, etc.

When the wounded come, it is important to avoid scratching in it, since it can cause infection with the bacteria in the wound, which can leave scars. Krads Ning also leads to increased risk of the infection spread from her fingers.
If you are plagued by severe cold, you can often feel when an outbreak is under way and we can at the pharmacy to buy a cream to reduce the symptoms.

In the first outbreak, your doctor may take a graft from the wound. This may show whether this is herpes simplex. In recent outbreaks, wound appearance and the classic symptoms enough to make the diagnosis.

Treatment of cold

A simple cold move by themselves without injury and requires no treatment. If you are heavily burdened by its outbreak of cold, you can buy an ointment to the pharmacy, which contains a drug (aciclovir), which attack viruses and may alleviate the symptoms. Assists ointment does not, your doctor may write a prescription for aciclovir tablets, which seems a little louder. Both ointments and tablets should be taken as soon as Monday marks incipient symptoms. Expected for a long time, for example,. have wounds that are

Select and complications

The disease has a mild course of the outbreak and moves by itself. There is pain associated with the outbreak, but the cosmetic genes is the most the worst. Some, however, have frequent outbreaks, which can be difficult annoying, but antiviral medication can in most cases help in relieving symptoms.

Most dangerous complication is spreading to the eye, so we must be aware of, and immediately seek medical attention if you experience blisters around the eyes and on næsetippen. Viruses can damage the cornea, if not promptly treated.

A frequent complication is spread to the genitals, causing herpes genitalis.

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