Heavy back is covered with papillae, which has a different appearance. The smallest papillae makes that look hairy tongue out, while the largest look like small round warts. The tongue is usually a pale glow, but both color and surface can be changed. Most of these changes due to other diseases and disappears when the underlying disease treated. Unexplained changes that do not disappear within ten days, should give rise to a doctor.

Smooth tongue and geographic tongue

Smooth tongue occurs when the papillae, who normally wear and formed again, not to restore the normal extent. Tongue surfaces will have a reddish appearance and smooth. Geographic tongue is a similar condition, but differs from the smooth tongue by having only missing papillae spotted the problem comes and goes at different place on your tongue, and that it is incurable. Geographic tongue is safe, and the cause is unknown. In both diseases can tongue feels as if it has any wounds, and irritated strong

Smooth tongue may be due to several underlying conditions, including infections, injuries, diseases such as the shortage. iron deficiency or pernicious anemia (see Anemia caused by lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid) and allergic reactions. The symptom should lead to a medical examination. If there is no underlying cause of suffering, there is usually no reason to treat it.

You may get some help of antiseptic saliva. In both smooth tongue as geographic tongue can be alleviated by the symptoms, avoiding too hot and highly seasoned food and alcohol and tobacco.

Discolored and cracked heavy

Tongue may be discolored for many reasons. Some people have deep furrows on his back heavy than others. It is a normal variation and not a symptom of a disease. The bacteria normally live in the mouth may sometimes gather in furerne and with stains from food, coffee and tea to give them a yellow, brown or black and external. Tongue papillae can sometimes grow abnormally fast and be unusually long, so they come to resemble hair. The reason for this is unknown, but hårtunge arise



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