Definition and causes

Spiserørskatar is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the esophagus. The mode can occur in various situations where by far the most common gastric acids immediately. Spiserørskatar is also seen by infection with bacteria and fungi in the mouth and throat, and will in these cases tend to be associated with HIV infection. Also seen spiserørskatar by ætsningsskader.

Symptoms of spiserørskatar

Spiserørskatar will usually giveheartburn,eructationand possiblypain behind the sternum.The symptoms will, in the case of reflux, typically come at mealtime. In lighter cases seen mucous membranesredandpossibly closed. In more severe cases can causewoundswithbleedingto follow. This may lead to dark colored stools or in long-term cases chronic anemia.

Precautions and diagnosis of spiserørskatar

The vast majority of cases of spiserørskatar caused by stomach acids immediately.
Here are the cautions following:

  • Avoid strong or acidic foods.

  • Avoid high-fat food.

  • Avoid chocolate and peppermint.

  • Reducing or stopping of alcohol.

  • Avoid late and great meals.

  • Do not lie down or exercise immediately after meals.

  • Smoking cessation.

  • Weight loss

  • Elevation of bed head-end (slept in a couple of extra pillows).

  • Avoid foroverbøjning.

  • Avoid certain types of medicines, including certain types of painkillers and certain types of heart or blood pressure medication.

By ætsningsskader immediately contact a doctor or hospital. The diagnosis spiserørskatar by an kikkertundersøgelse.

Treatment of spiserørskatar

Therapy directed against the underlying cause. We are dedicated to inflammation mode to disappear or get any wounds to the whole. Gastric acid retardant medicine will often be effective. See also the treatment of stomach acids immediately. Infections with bacteria and fungi are treated with antibiotics and antifungals.

Select and complications to spiserørskatar

In ophelingsfasen of spiserørskatar may cause constrictions in the esophagus, so-calledknitting scores. These can cause mechanical genes in the form of swallowing.

After medical treatment of spiserørskatar there is a high risk that the disease will return within a year. This is 8 out of 10 In surgical treatment the prognosis is better, and here are 8 out of 10 asymptomatic after surgery.





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