Definition and causes

Akalasi is a disorder in which the lowest closing muscle in the esophagus is constantly tense and not relax when food and fluids pass as normal. This leads to a deadlock with the accumulation of food residues in the esophagus. The blocking is rarely total.

The reason for akalasi is unknown, but both nerves and muscles in the esophagus is involved. While the lack of relaxation of the muscle, there is less muscle activity in the esophagus, which also contributes to the accumulation of food residues.

This is a rare disorder, and there are only approximately. 30 cases a year in Denmark.

Symptoms of akalasi

The symptoms of akalasi associated with the mechanical lock:

  • Dysphagia due to the tense closing muscles in your esophagus.

  • Eructation.

  • Discomfort or pain in the chest due to expansion of the esophagus.

  • Any weight loss.

Precautions and diagnosis by akalasi

The above symptoms should seek medical advice.

The diagnosis is usually made by a røngtenundersøgelse contrast with the gullet (see photo studies). To exclude other disorders in the esophagus, supplement Monday with a kikkertundersøgelse. The final diagnosis made by a pressure measurement (manometry), demonstrating an increased pressure in the lower closing muscle and the lack of muscle activity in the esophagus.

Treatment of akalasi

Since you do not know why akalasi, addresses the symptoms. You can try to reduce the pressure in the muscle with medical treatment. If there is no power, you can try their hand at a so-called ballonudvidelse where you sink a small balloon, which is then inflated, the muscle is extended. Death can be more than cut across the muscle, which in some cases can lead to stomach acids immediately.

Complications of akalasi

There is a risk of aspiration, which means getting food residues and possibly stomach acid into the lungs. This can lead to pneumonia.




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