Porphyria manifests itself by disturbances in the body's circulation of porphyrin, red, iron-blood colors. Porphyrin excreted normally in small quantities in the urine. The disease occurs in Thursday arvelige forms in which the urine stained dark due to the coloring formed in abnormally large quantities and assembled in the liver, digestive, brain and nervous system or the skin.


Porphyria is an unusual disease. The symptoms of the hereditary forms are usually only in adulthood, often in connection with a triggering factor. Such factors include the ingestion of certain drugs, contraceptive pills or alcohol, solar radiation or pregnancy. The symptoms of porphyria varies because there are several different forms of the disease. Disturbances in the liver and spleen are common sequelae, and also the skin is abnormally sensitive to light. For symptom



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