Contraceptive pill

There are now two different types of pill, combination play and mini-pills. P-pills are medicine and must be prescribed by a doctor. The ad works by hormonal way to affect the reproductive organs to prevent pregnancy.

Contraceptive pill is reliable, provided that they are taken regularly, according to the instructions. Heavy attacks of diarrhea or vomiting, however, can lead to the active ingredients in the pills are not included in the body. In such cases, one should continue taking the pills, but also use a contraceptive. Below are some of the p-pillernes advantages and disadvantages.

The most use and reliable type of contraceptive pill called combination play and provides two types of sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone (hormones from the yellow body, Progestagens). This type is very well known and effective. Mini Pellets contains only progesterone, which makes it is not entirely as effective. On the other hand, the fewer side effects.

P-hormones in the pills affect the genital tract by preventing ovulation, the cervix impermeable to sperm and affect livmoderslimhinden, so it can take against a possible fertilized egg.

When you start taking the pill, you usually begin in the next menstrual 1st day and do not simultaneously use a contraceptive. The pills taken for 21 days followed by 7 pill-free days. Combination Players usually leads to bleeds through contraction will be less than usual, and that menstrual pain and PMS become milder.

A few women may have less bleeding between menstrual markets. These haemorrhages are harmless and require no treatment. Combination Players are subject to different hormone combinations, and if one type of combination play turned out to give drawbacks, one can instead try something else.

Side effects: Before your doctor prescribes the pill performed a thorough gynecological examination, and then carried out inspections of 1-2 years.
Combination Players can in some cases cause severe side effects such as myocardial infarction, stroke and may be unsuitable for women who have an increased tendency to clot (see Blood clots in the legs). No one has studied the funds effect on thousands of women who have used them for more than a decade, and discovered that serious side effects in principle do not appear among women under 30 years. The pills these days contains less than half as much estrogen as t

Combination Player can also be unsuitable for women who have tendency to form blood clots, have high blood pressure, diabetes, fibroids or cancer of the breast or cervix.

Besides preventing pregnancy pill may have other positive effects. A woman who use the pill have a lower risk of being hit by cysts in the ovary than one who does not. The risk is too small to have a tumor in the breast, anemia, ledegigt and inflammation of the egg-heads. Combination Player can also prevent pregnancy outside the uterus.

Contraceptive pill and cancer

Some studies have shown that there is a link between the pill and cancer in both breast and cervix. Since you have reduced the estrogen content of the pills is the link between the pills and breast cancer has decreased, and recent studies show that the risk of developing cancer is very small, if it exists.

Taking the pill should regularly get a cell sample taken from the cervix too early to be able to detect any cancer.

On the positive side indicated that the pill has been shown to protect against cancer development in both ovaries and the uterus.

What takes the pill

It is very simple to use the pill. Generally it takes the first pill on the next menstrual 1st day. Then Monday morning-after pill at the same time every day for three weeks. Some funds include seven inactive pills, which must be taken in the last week of the cycle. After you have taken the last pill with hormone content, sinking hormone levels in the blood quickly, and menstrual bleeding begins. If you forget to take a pill, you have to take it as soon as you discover the mistake. If one lizard

Contraceptive pill does not affect the ability to have children, the man has ceased to use them. One can possibly expect either three months or you have had two menstruation, before attempting to become pregnant.

Mini Pellets

If no one has it good to take a combination player, mini-pills can be a good alternative. They contain only one of the hormones found in combination players, namely progesterone. It is probably better to take mini-pills, if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, hereditary tendency for blood clots or other diseases that can be aggravated by large quantities of estrogen. Since they do not contain estrogen, which prevents livmoderslimhinden in detaching the middle of menstruationscyklusen, ka

Usually one begins to take mini-pills contraction in the first day and continue to take them daily as long as you do not want to become pregnant. It is important to take the pill at the same time each day. Since mini-pills works most effectively about four hours after you have taken them, it may be convenient to take them early in the evening, if you usually have sexual intercourse when you went to bed. In the first 14 days or at the beginning of mini-pills, you should use some form of besky


A spiral is a small plastic object, sometimes equipped with a bit of copper, introduced into the womb where it adheres to prevent pregnancy. The spiral operation is not known in detail, but its reliability is good and appears to be greater the longer the spiral used. A special type of spiral which frees a progesteronlignende hormone may be a good alternative, because it can prevent the menstrual problems that often occurs when using ordinary spirals. The spiral set

When the spiral is set up, can cause a degree of discomfort, but the discomfort is reduced if you take it easy the rest of the day. The most common problem with coils is that the menstrual become powerful and sometimes painful. Therefore, it is not practical to use spiral as contraceptive, if you already have lengthy, painful contraction. It happens that you get stain bleeding, called spotting, between menstruation in about 2-3 months after the spiral is set up, but then

When the spiral is put in place to prevent the pregnancy as long as it is placed in the womb. If the spiral excluded by mistake, it tends to occur during the first months. You can check that the spiral sits as the need to keep a finger into the vagina to Monday marks the threads which sticks out of the womb mouth. If you can feel the hard plastic piece, the spiral should be replaced. One should not under any circumstances, try to spiral out by pulling the strings. If

Inflammation of the egg heads and pregnancy outside the uterus is the most serious conditions which may be caused by a spiral. It is commonly heavily with inflammation of the egg-heads in women who have spiral. Infections are also more common in women under 20 years using spiral and in women who have given birth.

Since inflammation of the egg heads and pregnancy outside the uterus are serious conditions should be, if you apply spiraling, seek immediate medical at the bottom of the stomach pain, unexplained fever or foul-smelling discharge. If we think we have been pregnant in spite of the spiral, we must also seek out a doctor.


A condom is a thin rubber sheath, which rolled on the rigidity of the penis before intercourse. By sædudtømningen collected sperme of condoms and therefore never come into the vagina. In order to prevent fertilization condom should be used throughout



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