Failed suicide attempts are often unsuccessful with will and should primarily be seen as a lonely and unhappy man cry. However, we can never be sure that a man who tries to kill is not a day really makes it. If someone in your family or circle of acquaintances, the emotionally ill and talking about suicide, should seek to persuade the person to seek medical advice.

In acute cases, one should call a doctor to get the person under treatment. While waiting for the doctor, should encourage the sick to listen and talk patiently, without giving qualitative or judicial response. A person in such a mincing state must, above all, never left alone.

If you find a person is unconscious or heavily drowsiness, one should immediately call the ambulance and start giving first aid. Suicide is often performed with an overdose of sleeping funds. If you find a medicine glass in the vicinity of the sick, you should send it in the ambulance as it is of importance for the treatment that we know what drug that is used and how high a dose, which is taken.

How familiar is a suicide risk person, and how are we?

  • He or she is often lonely and withdrawn.
  • He or she possibly talk about his suicidal intentions.
  • He or she assembles may pills together, or strongly up in writing wills or arrange insurance.
  • He or she may have lost a close relative or her work and feel that life is no longer worth living.
  • Try to get the person to seek medical advice. Ignore never a threat of suicide.

What to do if you feel urge to commit suicide

  • Try to be honest with yourself and decide about your problems caused by alcohol or drugs.
  • Try to find solutions, and attempt to change the circumstances that have made you depressed.
  • Speak but a close friend or counselor about your feelings and intentions.
  • If you continue to urge to commit suicide, you should visit your doctor, medical or psychiatric emergency room and tell about your problems.



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