By the description of mental disorders and their treatment uses special designations. The terms which appear in this chapter has a very precise meaning, which may be unclear for a layperson. Below is why some explanations and definitions of such terms.


A psychiatrist is a doctor with special training in mental illness. A psychiatrist remit covers both physical and mental illnesses, and he may prescribe medicine for all diseases.


A psychologist has no medical training, but dealing with the study of normal mental processes and can help people through critical periods in their lives. There are several different kinds of psychologists, and they often work with psychological testing and statistical analysis. There are also psychologists, mostly working with psychotherapy.


psykoanalyse is the basis for the so-called dynamic psychotherapy. The activities of authorized psycho-analysts and psychotherapists. The analysis applies to the patient unconscious and conscious sjæleliv. A psychoanalyst does not have a medical, but it is usually doctors who are psycho-analysts.


psychotherapy is a common term for various treatments using psychological means, for example. insigtsterapi, cognitive therapy and behavior therapy used by mental disorders.


neurosis is a term derived from psychoanalysis and is used to refer to people with anxiety or phobia symptoms. Neuro Tikere often react strongly to emotional and mental stress. Disruptions are not so strong that reality perception is affected. The term neurosis rarely used in modern terminology.

Personality Disorders:

If an emotional disturbance has influenced and changed the whole personality, one can say that the person has a personality disorder. For example, we speak of a paranoid personality disorder, if the person is abnormally suspicious in all relationships. If you have a personality disorder skizoid live Monday abnormally isolated and unable to cope with his social contacts. A person with coercive personality disorders are exaggerated methodical, rigid and controlling. Pe


a psychosis is a severe form of mental disorder, which leads to the perception reality is disturbed, and that the sick often or always unable to act rationally. Psychosis has generally biological factors.


a psykosomatisk disease is a real, organic disease, caused by psychological factors.

Anti-social personality disorder (Psychopathy):



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