Definition and causes

By psychosomatic illnesses are repeated complaints of physical symptoms, which, despite thorough investigations have not been proven to be caused by a physical (somatic) disease. The symptoms continue, despite the fact that the doctor has repeatedly assured that the person does not fail a physical illness. The psychological factors are therefore critical to how the individual experiencing the symptoms, and the perceived deterioration of the physical symptoms of a bad period.

In severe psychological effects can occur real physical disorders on the basis of psychological complaints. This is called konversionstilstand.

The cause of psychosomatic illnesses considered mainly based on an urge among some people to achieve social contact and emotional care. When his illness can affect surrounding way to deal with one on, and thus gain sympathy. There is no evidence to suggest a hereditary component in the disease, especially among people who are family members of others who badly mastered social interaction with others.

Symptoms of psychosomatic diseases

People with psychosomatic illnesses are very concerned of their health and tend to interpret the general sensations in the body as diseases. Among others seen complaints from:

  • Heart.

  • Intestine Channel.

  • Air routes.

  • Urination.

  • Symptoms of anxiety.

  • Pain.

The above symptoms may be common, and it is known how psychological factors can affect the body's physiological functions. For example. Notes heart faster by powerful experiences, and pressures can lead to stomach pain, etc. Normally, these symptoms disappear when the triggering cause disappears, or when assured that there is nothing physically wrong with one. This is not the case with psychosomatic symptoms continue.

Treatment of psychosomatic diseases

If we repeatedly tried in vain to convince the patient that he not fail a physical illness, treatment options are poor. The doctor will best explore all sorts of diseases, which can lead to the person's complaints. When this is done, the doctor must instead try their hand at talking and invite the family to support him with the idea that there is a physical illness. There is no medical treatment and if the above does not help, the prognosis is bad





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