Definition and causes

Konversionstilstande is a disruption or loss of normal integration between the mind, one's own consciousness and sensory perception experiences and the ability to control his motor skills. Modes were previously named as various types of konversionshysteri.


There are no genetic reasons to explain the modes, and there is no biological theories that have been able to prove a link. Psychoanalyst believe there is a displacement earlier in life, which will be converted to natural conditions.


The risk of getting a konversionstilstand in the course of life is 0,3-0,6% for women, and much lower for men. The disease debuterer often before 35 years of age.


Symptoms of konversionstilstande

The symptoms represent a wide range of different types and the emergence of the unconscious person.


Disturbances in motor skills:

There can be partial or total paralysis in the body to fall to follow, and there can also be seen tremors in various parts of the body. In addition, experienced disruptions in the voice feature, such as stumhed or disruption in the production of sound.


Sans Disturbances:

The person may experience cramps, reminiscent of epilepsy, without the existence of consciousness. By epilepsy will often see urine departure, tungebid and changes inEEG,which is not the case at konversionstilstande. There can be experienced snurrende feelings, lack of feeling in arms and legs as well as deafness and blindness.


Another characteristic symptom is that the person will have amnesia and losing large parts of memory from his previous life. In the worst cases, it may be combined with that person physically moving away from its familiar surroundings. This symptom can occur withdepressionand epilepsy.


Precautions and diagnosis

Suspect, a family member to have a konversionstilstand, one should not accuse the person to simulate, but consult a doctor instead. It is important that the physician will have a conversation with the person to assess whether the person should be hospitalized or not. In all cases, organic disorders such as. epilepsy excluded.


Consideration of konversionstilstande

In severe cases hospitalized patient and goods symptoms over several weeks, trying Monday through psychotherapy to convince the patient that the person is not something physically wrong.


The procedure, which has the best effect, is an informative and supportive therapy in which it treats the patient with dignity and understanding. Usually caused by a konversionstilstand that the patient can not handle the demands and problems which must be resolved through talking.


There are no medikamentel treatment.


Select and complications

If a konversionstilstand lasting several years, is outside the therapeutic range.







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