Most healthy people are largely not aware of their body's internal functions. Hypokondri implies that there is very much aware of her body and has an unhealthy tendency to find fault and disease everywhere. Light forms of hypokondri are very common and rarely gives problems that need treatment. In severe cases can lead to hypokondri that only cares for his body functions and imaginary diseases and lose interest in everything else

A hypocondriac buy and use large quantities of medicines, often seek doctor for different ailments, are often dissatisfied with the treatment and tests like alternative therapies, even the most dubious. Since hypokondri occurs with an anxiety condition, interprets the sickness symptoms like anxiety, that is. palpitations, tremors and shortness of breath, trouble sleeping as symptoms of a physical illness. Hypokondri as occurs with depression often leads to the disease believe that his body destroyed by example. cancer



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