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Games has at all times and in all cultures fascinated people, and through history, there are numerous descriptions of games and the problems caused by this dependence. Participation in the games is part of our culture. Gambling is entertaining and exciting - and in addition, you can win money. If you are lucky! risk by playing for money is not that you can win a fortune. It happens only to a minority. The big risk is much hay

The market for gaming has exploded in the last 10 to 15 years. It can be seen in sales of games, and it can be seen in the number of venues. Today you can play around the clock. New technology combined with an aggressive marketing has been instrumental in the That the market for games on the money is huge and growing. We Ram and rates as never before. A few are lucky and win. The vast majority live in hope and then there are others who buy on credit hopes

What is problem gambling?

The concept of problem gambling is a compilation of the Latin verb "ludo", which really just means: I play I play, and the Greek word "mania", which means passion. The term problem gambling is instead a play dependence, which can manifest itself in many different ways. One can be addicted to gambling on horses, dogs, pigeons or other animals at Casino games (eg. Blackjack or roulette), the electronic gaming machines ( "one-armed thieves"), the Internet's countless muli

A Domino Effect

Several foreign studies do indicate that for every play dependent on average, are a further five to ten persons (eg. Spouse, partner, children, other close relatives, friends and acquaintances, work colleagues) who directly or indirectly affected by the problems , Which inevitably leads to a problem gambling. There is, in other words, this is an addiction, which affects not only the individual ludo conjured own lives and quality of life, but also has implications for the rest, overall social life.

Signs and signals on problem gambling

Play is often described as a hidden addiction, which is not readily available to even the immediate surroundings precisely to put your finger on what it is that's wrong. That there is something wrong has been fairly clear to the ludo conjured near the shorter or longer, but it has been difficult to put words on. And ludo conjure people themselves are the experts to "play the game" to family, friends and other peers. However, there are a number of signs and signals, which can

Sustained economic problems

  • "On the third day of the month is the last" - in other words, repeated instances of lack of money, the need for various private loans, have difficulty in repaying loans and often simply trying to borrow more.

  • Hides statements, remittances and other mail from a bank for his relatives and is generally secretive about financial matters.

  • Is always the first at the front door when the mail arrives in the morning, so any charges, new loans, account arrangements or arrears demands from various finance companies not being detected.

  • Remarkably asset to obtain additional revenue either through duplication within the firm or ekstrajob leisure.

  • Money Consumption is out of touch with reality. The money has lost any kind of value and is now only a means to be able to continue. We can generally say that gambling is a problem, when playing for more than the individual person can afford to lose.

A striking pattern changed time

  • Coming later and later home from work on grounds of a sudden overtime, a reception or some kind of unexpected situation.

  • Leaves are often home during increasingly worse and worse pretext.

  • General shopping time pulling out completely unreasonable.

  • Keeps long lunch breaks at work and / or frequent sick days.

One striking change of behavior

  • Is often sad and far from its usual me.

  • Is often distræt, hard to get in touch with and confined.

  • Is often edgy, high-shouting and allow themselves to be discouraged by even the smallest things.

  • Have trouble concentrating.

  • Withdrawal from family and friends relationships.

A remarkable interest in games

  • Showing great interest in sports scores in the leaves, text-TV and the Internet.

  • Will either almost euphoric over a sports match, or the opposite - a clear and noticeable mood.

  • Is engaged and eager for betting or participate in games.

  • Is the number of times by friends, relatives and colleagues were seen in an arcade, at travbanen or in the local casino.

  • Tells like, maybe slightly ostentatious, on the gains that have been taken from home by different types of games.

Feature of problem gambling

It is a common feature of most gambling-dependent people that they just let random Unit (Le Gambling) manage and advise. Continued games will inevitably lead to win. Especially the players who have experienced winning a relatively early in their playing careers ", found an irrational thought pattern. They both hope and believe that they can win money.

There is a fundamental question of 1) a perception that it is possible to influence and exert control over the outcome of the ongoing games and thereby increase their own chances of winning, 2) a perception that the outcome of a game can be predicted and 3) a question on justice: "Now I have lost almost continuously for three weeks in a row, so it's only a matter of time before your luck will come to my advantage."

There is - at least - two facts at stake:

  • The negative profit expectations (in the long run you will lose money ...)

  • Each player under independent of each other (you can not predict the outcome of the next round by observing the preceding or by being particularly astute, clever or crafty).

Problem gambling should be seen as an expression of an individual's attempt to compensate for diverse life problems. These problems can be a stressful and pressure of work, a sense of cumbersome and prohibitive, præstationsangst, loneliness, dipped in marriage / marriage or other personal problems.

Problem-solving strategy has so for each player - in short or long time - been a personal wager that everything could be solved with a "lucky hand" in the game. This is a central characteristic of the ludo conjure person and the gambling behavior. The ludo conjure person is on the one hand aware of "holds" that it is inappropriate and risky way to try to cope with its difficulties in that it is a problem. On the other hand, sees game

A summary

  • Problem gambling should be seen as a sort of "compensation practices" in which each player tries to compensate for various pr



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