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Are you more concerned about the game than you or your loved think is reasonable? You hear those who believe that happiness is made, if only you win a big prize money? Or do you think that all your economic problems and hardships enough to be resolved When you win? It is just a matter of patience and perseverance long enough until it becomes your turn to be the lucky!

How you can test yourself:

The following test contains ten criteria, and you can answer yes to five or more of these criteria, the diagnosis is clear - ludoman.

Replied the other hand, if in three to four questions, there is a problem with gambling (problem player).

And the answer is yes to one or two questions, you're in a risk zone for develop a gambling problem.

  • Are you very eager games. Will you leave when you play or thinking of the game?

  • Do you need to increase efforts to achieve excitement?

  • Are you restless or irritable when you have to leave the game?

  • Bet you to stop thinking about everyday problems?

  • If you return to the venue in order to win back the lost?

  • You lied to family and peers to hide your participation in the game?

  • Have you committed a crime, for example. kiting, theft or embezzlement in order to play?

  • Have you lost or put friendships, jobs or education in jeopardy because of gambling?

  • Have you left it to others, family or institutions, to rescue you out of financial problems, you only have ended up in because of gambling?

  • Have you repeatedly tried to bring your addiction under control, or attempted to completely stop your game, without success?






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