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There is typically a long time been a day marked by lies, past, bounces and mistrust (see "list" of possible signs and signals on problem gambling here). It is without doubt a great difficulty for many families precisely to put your finger on, what is wrong. But - that something has changed and quite different from how the common life previously lived, is stark clear.

Problem gambling is an addiction that can be hidden over much longer time than, for example. overuse of alcohol or drugs. Without comparison, in fact. Play the smell is not out of the mouth, games does not leave plug brands, and no players running around with a Spar Es tattooed on her forehead.
Many families are experiencing a powerlessness and hopelessness over the situation, as they for too long has found itself in.

You should know

  • That you are not alone. There are many who are in a similar situation

  • That you should provide clear and unequivocal demands about how you want your life must be lived

  • That you should set clear and distinct boundaries for yourself - your personality, your integrity, your needs - and does not accept more lies, apologetic after rationalization or find you in financial adultery

  • That you should put yourself in the center. You can not change others, but you can change yourself!






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