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Abuses must be understood as a long-term dependence on drugs, the volume of intake can not be controlled, and in excess quantities deemed normal in the culture. The substances, such as. can be alcohol, cannabis or cocaine, giving a drunk, which the abuse is capable of living their lives in an intoxication and thus avoid confronting personal and social problems. It also can be misused to cover possible. pain through substance abuse. When drug intake gives either mental, physical or social came

The boundaries of drug-taking and abuse are very uncertain and varies widely by culture and religion. Maximum recommended alcohol intake per. weeks are 14 articles for women and 21 articles for men. Alcoholism will be discussed in a separate article (see Alcohol Dependence).

Smoking may be considered an abuse, but not mentioned in this article because the subject is too extensive.

Genetic causes
Research has so far not documented a specific inherited biological factor that can cause abuse trend. In contrast, adoptivstudier shown that sons of alcoholic fathers have 3-4 times as likely to become alcoholics, although they grew up with an adoptive families.

Psychiatric causes
Many substance abusers suffer simultaneously from personality disorder (eg personality disorder and anxiety). Studies have shown that children with behavioral problems are more likely to become abusers in adulthood. People who suffer from autism, depression and thought disorders, are also more predisposed to use the drug intake to keep the psychotic problems at a distance.

Social reasons
There is a growing tendency for the children growing up in a busy home with violence and abuse, even developing an addiction. However, there is no evidence that social stress alone is reason for the development of substance abuse.

Treatment and prevention of abuse

When a drug has evolved into a critical level, to abuse have trouble functioning in everyday life. Often, misuse is not even be aware of the problem, and it is often family, friends and work colleagues, who must take action to help addicts.

The earlier in the development of the abuse take action, the greater the chance that the abuse can return to a normal working day. There are often many social, personal and financial problems behind the abuse, and these must be resolved before the abuse can be dealt with permanently. Therefore, it is important not to ignore the development of an abuse among friends and colleagues.

For specific treatment of the various groups of substances see alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse.







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