Do you have gout, you should practice

As gout patients should be physically active to help maintain joint function as long as possible. Strength training, swimming and cycling are good forms of exercise that can strengthen joints, ligaments and muscles around the joints. Heating and extension / tension should constitute a large part of the training program. The heating causes an increased blood flow to muscles and joints, which in itself can ease the pain of relations
During the heating to produce what is called dynamic, as far to say that, with small and soft movements, stretched muscles more and more. Avoid making hard or fast twitch.
With dynamic extent tissue around the joints more flexible and compatible cancel.
Extension / tension helps the muscles are not pulling together and will be abbreviated.


Your diet affects your gout

Your life is not entirely insignificant for your gout cycle. Healthy lifestyles can not do it alone but it is very important to have as valuable diet as possible. This refers to the energy-enhancing and non energy-enhancing nutrients. Energizing, ie proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Non-energy-enhancing substances are vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Rheumatic diseases are consuming diseases, meaning that when there is activity in these diseases, so that degrade tissue, while the body is trying to rebuild something new tissue again. This should be used for many nutrients, especially protein drugs should constitute a large part of the diet in such periods.


Dietary supplements for gigtpatienter

In order to support the diet may be appropriate to take a food supplement. As gout patient you need copious amounts of antioxidants. Formed all the time free radicals in the body, but even more when you suffer from a chronic illness. These are substances that can interfere with the natural chemical processes taking place in the body. Same lifestyle also means much for the production and release of free radicals in
Ginger has been known for years as a means for strengthening all tissues in the body and especially musculoskeletal tissues. Boswellia serrata, which is the resin from the tree, is a widely used tool in boosting the body's joints. It has also shown to have inflammation-inhibiting effect in the body.
Essential to get the full impact of what you consume, and to the body can be cleaned properly, there is WATER. Minimum 2 liters of water a day and thus are not included tea, coffee and alcohol.


Contact your doctor and the outside world

To have found a chronic rheumatic disease is often very anxiety provoking, as it as a doctor is often difficult or impossible to predict anything about the disease process in the individual patient. So informative close contact between doctor, patient and relatives is very important. Fear of disease can be quite debilitating in itself, therefore, is important.
In addition to good contacts with their own doctor or an Rheumatologists (arthritis doctor), it is important to your loved also be informed about how the disease develops. A good conversation can often ease a little of the mental load, it can be to suffer from a chronic and incurable disease. Tell relatives and colleagues about how you have it, just to say practice, can often make a difference!


 Your life with your gout

Although it is a chronic disease, we can well learn to live and live well with it.

      Find out what tools you need. Most municipalities have aid stations, where you can get these tools from.     However, it should be recommended by their own doctor or an Rheumatologists to get it.
      Live healthy and varied, drink plenty of water and make some good strengthening exercises each day.
      Do some things in your daily life that are good for you. Find your own small interval between everyday activities, they can make the big difference.
      When you have a disease, it is important to equip his psyche and take good care of themselves!




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