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Urine examination

A urine survey may give the doctor a great deal of information on various organ systems. A rapid assessment of the urine can be useful in emergency situations.

When examining the urine in a rush, to use the so-called urinstix who immerse in the urine, after which they read, whether there is blood, protein (egg white substances), sugar or white blood cells present. Urine acidity value (pH) is also determined. Any scale can bearing the doctor against a diagnosis.

If you need a thorough examination of the urine, Monday captures the middle-beam urine (uric around. From the center of urination) in a sterile glass and analyzes it using a microscope and culture in a laboratory. In this way we can, for example, find out which bacteria are to blame for a possible urinary tract infection, and antibiotics which they are sensitive to.

By suspicion of a tumor (tumor) in the kidney or urinary tract, you can sometimes see in the urine in the microscope and thereby determine whether it contains blood and diseased cells, for example. suggestive of cancer disease.


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