What is a bone marrow examination?

A bone marrow examination is, as its name suggests, an examination of the bone marrow. Bone marrow is very similar to our common blood, it also contains just the cells that produce blood. Bone-marrow is located inside most of the body's bones. Bone marrow should not be confused withspinal cord, Which consists of a lot of nerve fibers, which runs along the spine. A bone marrow examination in the back of the hip comb, which marked 5-10 cm above the buttocks a little beside the spine

When taking a bone marrow examination?

Bone marrow Studies done if you suspect a blood disease. It may be anemia, diseases of the immune system, vitamin deficiencies, problems with coagulation of blood (clotting), or suspected leukemia (blood cancer)

How is the investigation?

The study carried out in a local anesthetic. It lies on the side, and with a needle takes the doctor a small sample from the bone and a sample of bone marrow. Subsequently, we must lie on his back in five to ten minutes, and then finish the investigation. The survey takes about. three-quarters. A bone marrow examination is comparable to a dental treatment, you get drilled in a tooth.

What happens after the investigation?

The samples are examined under microscope, where you can see individual cells, how many there are of them, and if any. is something wrong with them. In the case of cancer, you can often see the type of cancer and how advanced the disease is. You get answers to a bone marrow examination after about. 5-7 days.


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