What is a lumbar puncture?

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerve fibers, which runs from the brain down through the spine. These are the nerves, among other things, in addition to the arms and legs. The spinal cord is well protected by the vertebrae, but to further protect the important spinal cord nerve fibers are surrounded by fluid, called rygmarvsvæsken or cerebrospinal fluid. It is this fluid, and not the spinal cord, take a sample of a lumbar puncture, so it is often used term "rygmarvsprøve" is wrong and should not be used. M

As can be seen from a lumbar puncture?

Rygmarvsvæsken is associated with brain fluid, located in the skull and protects the brain against stroke and bruises and the like. The brain fluid is a plethora of proteins, sugars, antibodies (infection-fighting agents) and cells from the immune system. The amount of these substances may change at different diseases. At various cancers can be found cancerous cells in the fluid, by certain infections (eg. Meningitis), there may be bacteria or viruses in the liquid and bleeding in the brain (subara

How does a lumbar puncture?

It lies on either side or sit up on a sofa bed or a bedside. The most important thing is that you can really very curved spine. Anterograde, moving forward is sitting on the back of some FPS (those you can see under the skin along the spine) and here, the needle through. Sometimes pays local anesthetic, but it is not necessary since the needle for a lumbar puncture is not thicker than a bedøvelsesnål. Then wait, just as quiet at that rygmarvsvæsken dripping out of some glass. When the investigation is færdi

Make a lumbar puncture hurt?

A lumbar puncture is rarely more evil than a standard blood test. Sometimes you get a headache, however, after the investigation. The reason is that there is still a little fluid leaking out of the hole as the needle has made. Usually the hole will close by itself. If the headache persists, your doctor may put some blood into the hole so it closes again.













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