Image Studies is an indispensable tool in the investigation of many diseases. Below is describedX-ray examinations, CT scansandMRI scans

What is an X-ray?

By sending X-rays through the body from one side, one can, on the other hand capture an image. Bones, which are fixed, allowing less radiation to pass through, thus becoming the whites. Less solid structures as the bodies are gray. The air is black. You can add contrast agent for example. bloodstream or the gastrointestinal tract in the study, which means that more detail can see any defects in the system. Contrast material is clearly white.

Using X-ray
X-ray is an easy and quick way to assess violations of the bones, body size and any knots. It is a very frequent inquiry.

What is a CAT scan (Computer Tomography)

A CT scan is a more advanced form of imaging study. Your body will be scanned by the sending X-rays enter the body from all possible angles. A computer collects all the information and displays the images as small cross-section. You can see pictures of organs, vessels, nerves and soft tissue with great clarity. The study is nevertheless of all the bones and brain tissue.
You can add contrast agent for the study, which makes for example. can see if there is damage to a particular dish.

Using CT-scan
The use of CT scans is in rapid progress, and develop better and better ways to diagnose as much as possible by a scan. The scan is painless, but it can be a little unpleasant to lie completely still for some time.

What is an MRI (Magnetic Resonance)

An MRI is a different kind of image in the previous two surveys. It uses radio frequency waves and a strong magnetic field, which gives incredibly detailed images of soft tissues, organs, vessels, nerves, bones and more.

Using MRI
MRI scans can be used to increase the visibility of various diseases, their joints and cancer. The scan is painless, but it can be a little unpleasant to lie completely still for some time.


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