What is a biopsy?

A biopsy means tissue and can be taken from all tissues in the body. A biopsy taken when we will make detailed studies of a given tissue, for example. to investigate the microscopic tissue composition. The tissue can also be stained with specific markers, which can provide additional information about tissue properties and composition.

It differs from the amount of tissue it is necessary to remove in order to carry out an analysis on it. In some cases it is enough to scrape cells from the surface of tissue, as is the case at a udskrabning from the womb. In other cases a thick needle, for example. by liver or kidney biopsy. In cases where the tissue you want to remove, is their availability, may take a biopsy in connection with a kikkertundersøgelse, used in the study, for example. small intestine or lungs.

When and how to take a biopsy?

There are countless reasons to take a biopsy, some of the most common are:

  • Audskrabning from wombcan be used to distinguish benign udvækster from cancer. The sample taken from the inside of the uterus and is generally carried out in full anesthesia.

  • Aprostate biopsy(tissue from blærehalskirtlen) used to distinguish benign enlargement of the prostate from cancer. The test is taken most often through the front part of Rectum wall, as malignant tumors usually are located here.

  • Ahudbiopsiused to distinguish between normal and cancer hudforandringer. Performed in a local anesthetic.

  • Abreast biopsyused if you have discovered a lump in the breast that are suspected to be malignant. There is often used a thin needle, which can remove a small piece of tissue for analysis.

  • Aliver biopsyby suspicion, for example, tumors in the liver, cirrhosis or liver. The sample taken at a local anesthetic with a slightly thicker needle to be introduced between two ribs.

  • Abone marrow biopsyused to diagnose blood diseases.

What happens after the investigation?

The samples are examined under microscope, where you can see individual cells, and whether any. is something wrong with them. In the case of cancer, you can often see the type of cancer and how advanced the disease is. It can take up to a week before you get answers to a biopsy.


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