Laser stands forLight Amplification by stimulated emission of radiationand is a device that generates light or electromagnetic radiation with very specific properties. A computer-controlled laser can be used to complete operations in the eye, which require great precision. There are several different types of laserbehandling of eye diseases.

Laserbehandling to improve eyesight

The following methods are used to correct myopia, hypermetropia and construction errors:

This is the most widely used form of laserbehandling, which represent about 90% of the exported laser treatments. Prepare a very thin circular patch in the alleryderste of the cornea, after which the patch folded back towards the rear. There are now accessible to the middle of the cornea, where the laser by using an ultraviolet light beam can remove some of corneal tissue. It can therefore provide the cornea the form it chooses.

For that you can use LASIK, it is required that the cornea is thick enough to be removed from the tissues. Moreover, we must not suffer from eye dryness. In this case, you can instead use another method, known as the ELSA LASEK or

This kind of laserbehandling used where LASIK can not be used or at very low vision impairments. In LASEK / ELSA only the very top part of the cornea. Since the hornhindelag, to meet up, is very thin, there is a risk that we may have to flash the loose after surgery. Therefore you need a soft contact lens in the eye in 3-4 days, while the upper layer of the cornea heal. In the first few days there may be little nuisances in the form of feeling of foreign body in the island

This is how laserbehandling to improve eyesight

Feasibility studyThis often takes a few weeks before, the operation must be carried out. It examined here, whether it is suitable for laserbehandling. This is done, in particular by measuring visual acuity, pupilstørrelse and thickness of the cornea.

The week before the operation:You should avoid using contact lenses 7 days before the operation so as to avoid that contact lenses do little damage to the cornea.

The operation:There dribble a local anesthetic drops in his eyes. If you are worried about the operation, may also be somewhat sedate. Then, we must be on a sofa bed. Eyelids are being kept away from the eye of a special instrument, and a vakuumsug the eye to keep it quiet. There will then focus on a blinking lysplet, while the laser works on the eye. The laser works in some. 30 seconds, and you can hear a ticking sound and possible. smells a little burnt smell while. The same procedure

After the operation:The first half hour is Monday, and then examined the eye to see if the operation went as planned. If it is, can we go home. The day after the Monday meeting to be reviewed again. The first week the eyes dribble with 3 different eye drops: artificial tears, antibiotics and a product that works on corneal healing. After the first week there is only dribble with artificial tears when needed. You need to check again after one week.

It is very important not to rubs its eyes in two weeks after surgery because it can damage tissue in the cornea that is not yet completely healed. At night can use special plastic shields, so as not to touch your eyes in sleep. Three months after surgery Monday to be the last check.

Complications of laserbehandling to improve eyesight

Complications are fortunately quite rare, and most can be avoided by getting a thorough feasibility study. The most common complications are:

  • Lower night vision due to reduced contrast sensitivity. This may affect your ability to drive when it's dark.

  • HaloandStarburst: These two phenomena most often occur while driving in the dark. A halon seen as a halo around an oncoming car's lights. By Starburst seen the oncoming car's lights as powerful stars with many thanks. In most cases these genes disappears after a few months.

  • Increased sensitivity to light: This is almost always in the first few days after surgery, where it can be very unpleasant to stay in bright light. Genes fades quickly and is usually completely gone after 3 months.

  • Dry Eye: This is now and in the weeks after the operation. These genes may be easily remedied by dribble eyes with artificial tears.

Laserbehandling of other eye diseases

Laserbehandling can also be used to prevent the diseases of the eye retina develops further. Man tries to laser beams to transform the active part of the disease process to arvæv so that it slowed down and therefore can not cause further destruction. By following diseases of the retina can laserbehandling used:

  • Diabetes leads after many years of the blood vessels in the retina are leaking. This will ultimately lead to blindness. Laser treatment is carried out here by that shoots laser at a number of different points of the retina. This prevents the blood vessels may leak blood into the retina so that vision can be preserved.

  • Retina rule which may be various organs to retinal detachment, can be irradiated with laser, so that the retina of the damaged area to glue fixed to the background. If a document is detected before it becomes too large, the laserbehandling thus prevent retinal detachment.

  • AMD (age-related macular degeneration, calcification of the retina). There are two types of this, a dry and wet. In the wet type grows frail, leaking blood vessels from årehinden, which lies just under the retina, into the retina of the eye yellow stain (macula). With laserbehandling can hit the new veins, so they turned to arvæv and thus can not destroy more of your sight. However, there is great risk that the laser beam also affects some of it healthy nethindevæv, and thereby destroy

Moreover, the laser used in the following diseases:

  • After Starling can be seen after surgery for cataract and due to the emergence of ambiguities in the remaining part of the lens capsule. Those ambiguities can be removed with a laser.

  • Narrow-angle glaucoma can be treated by laser, by way of the laser beam makes a small hole in regnbuehinden. This means that the liquid in the anterior chamber have better drainage, and the pressure decreases. Open Angled glaucoma treated by Monday with the laser makes it more normal drainage.






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