Definition and causes

Color blindness is, the ability to distinguish between different colors or shades are reduced. The few that are actually colorBLIND, So they do not see colors. Most have what is also called colorVulnerability. The two words are used indiscriminately, however.

Usually it is the ability to distinguish between red and green, which is affected. People with red-green color blindness will see a green object as red or vice versa. However, it is usually only certain nuances within the two colors that can cause problems. Most can easily see the difference between the red and green light in a traffic light.

What makes that we can see colors, is a special kind of pigment in the cells of the eye that captures light. These cells are calleddonationandspelling. When color blindness is a defect in one or more of the 3 types of pigment in tappene. These pigment error is usually hereditary. Genes for the pigment sits on the X chromosome, which means that it is mostly men who suffer from color blindness. Males have only one X chromosome (women have two), so if there are errors on it, they can not compensate with the other. Color blindness can also occur by damage to the retina or optic nerve (also see AMD and inflammation of the optic nerve). It is estimated that e

Symptoms of color blindness

Most experience no special symptoms of being color blind. However, there may be situations where a color is experienced differently by the color-blind than a person who normally color. Usually it is because there is created a test of color vision that we know whether we are color blind or not. At the very rare total color blindness will environment is perceived as being different shades of gray.

Precautions and diagnosis

Color blindness will usually not result in any kinds of genes. However, we can not be employed as, for example. pilot or master, since in these professions made great demands on the ability to distinguish colors.

The diagnosis of color blindness can be made by different tests. The most widely used isIshihara pseudoisokromatiske panelsWhere there is a lot of colored round boxes. Some fields have a different color than those that form the background, and these fields provide a numbers. If you are red-green color-blind, you can not see a figure formed by green fields on a red background. A person with normal color will usually very clearly could see the figure.

Treatment of color blindness

By far the most color-blind do not need treatment. If color blindness caused by disorders of the retina or optic nerve, these must be dealt with as best as possible.





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