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Eye cornea and lens breaks light rays, so they assembled on the retina (for detailed explanation, see refractive error). Your eye is willing to see things far away from. When you have to see things that are near (eg. Read a newspaper), the eye needs to gather the light even more. This is done through the lens, whose form is flexible. The lens is tense in some small threads, which is controlled by a small muscle in the eye. When muscle tightened, will become more circular lens and bend light rays more - and Herve

With age the lens becomes more rigid and inflexible. It is therefore difficult to pinpoint things that are close to the eyes - you get more and more farsighted. This is calledgammelmandssynBecause it comes with age.

Symptoms of gammelmandssyn

Gammelmandssyn usually start in 40 years of age and deteriorate for about 60 years of age.

Nearsighted gets worse, which usually manifests itself as trouble reading the newspaper or a book. The letters flow together, and you will usually without thinking about it anymore keep away from the body. If you are nearsighted, it helps to remove its ordinary glasses, if you are going to see things close.

By exhibiting these symptoms should contact an optician who can assess whether you suffer from gammelmandssyn.

Treatment of gammelmandssyn

From 40 years of age to around 60 years will sight becoming more and more influenced by the aging lens. Subsequently, the state no longer deteriorating, since the ability to change the lens shape has been completely lost. Fully developed gammelmandssyn will usually require glasses with strength 3. Here you can either select a couple of glasses to read, or they may have been a read field into its regular glasses if, for example. are nearsighted or have construction defects in advance.

Laserbehandling can not directly treat gammelmandssyn, but in some cases can be laser-treated, so only one eye is used for reading and the other at a distance. However, it is not always appropriate.





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