Definition and symptoms of building defects

Light rays break through the eye cornea and lens and hits the retina in a single point. This is essential if you look hard thing (for further explanation see refractive error).

By building error cornea is not evenly round, but oval. This means that light does not change no matter the direction everywhere, and it affects not the same point on the retina. A bullet will be seen as an oval stain or a small bar, in addition to horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines are not seen just crisp. You may also see double in the affected eye.

If you are experiencing symptoms of construction error, you should contact an optician. Here are investigated sight, and there is evidence of a possible construction errors.

Consideration of building defects

There are three types of treatment of construction errors: glasses, contact lenses and laserbehandling / surgery.

Glasses and contact lenses
This created a cylindrical lens / spectacle, which compensates for corneal uneven form. Contact lenses are no more acceptable cosmetic, but they are in turn more cumbersome and can sometimes contribute to scratches and infections.

Laserbehandling / surgery
If construction error is significant and troubling, you can overcome it by an operation. This made small cuts in the cornea so that the shape becomes more regular. There may also be laserbehandling, this is not as widespread as in near-and hypermetropia. As the need varies greatly from person to person, you should consult an ophthalmologist for information on what treatment is best suited to your problem.






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