Definition and causes

Tearing means that there is an increased amount of tears in the eye so that the tears flowing over, as if crying. This occurs when there is increased production of tear fluid, or if the normal drainage of tears is not working. It is produced constantly tear fluid from tårekirtlen, which appears in the upper eyelid. Tears form a protective film of the eye so that the eyelids are free to slip across the eye.

There is an increased production of tears, if one example. have been something in the eye, in windy or who otherwise is an irritation of the eye. Irritation seen, for example. eye inflammation or allergy. Tears serves in these cases to rinse foreign body out of the eye or to clean the eye of bacteria or allergens like. pollen.

Drained of tears can be prevented if, for example. is inflammation of the tear roads, or if the tear point, which acts as an outlet for tears, not in contact with tears. This is seen by extrovert eyelids, which eyelid and thus tear the item is banked outward. (see also eyelid and eye front part). There may also be damage to tear the roads by damage to the eye or nose.

Symptoms of tearing

Your eye runs in the water, with no immediate reason for this (like. Emotional outbreaks). Depending on what is the operative reason, there may be different symptoms. There can be redness, warmth and swelling as signs of inflammation or redness and itching as a sign of allergy.

Precautions and diagnosis

If we are very bothered by tearing, you should seek out his own doctor or an ophthalmologist. The doctor will then try to find the cause of tearing. In many cases the diagnosis will be held if there are any symptoms that point to the example. eye inflammation or allergy. In other cases, a previous injury to eye or nose to point out that there has been damage to tear the roads. The diagnosis extrovert eyelids made by looking at the eyelid, which heeled outwards.

Processing of lacrimation

Processing of lacrimation is the treatment of the operative cause.

  • Antibiotics by eye inflammation or inflammation of the tear roads.

  • Anti-histamine in allergy.
  • Operation tear on the roads if they are damaged or blocked. You can choose to remove a piece of tear roads, if this is narrow or blocked. Otherwise, we can be a thin tube to create a new passage for the tears of tear roads.

  • Operation of extrovert eyelids.






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