Definition and causes

An outward-looking eyelids would say that the lower lid is banked outward, or is very loose. The edge eyelids and tear the item is no longer contact with the eye. This leads to tears can not run out of their normal drainage in the inner eye hook and down to the nose throat (see also eyelids and front of the eye). Instead, there will constantly be accumulated a lake of tears in the lower eyelid. It can also be seen that the tearsfloating overThat if you cry. This is seen especially in windy.

The reasons for the outward-looking eyelid:

  • Volume Woven around the eye have been resolved due to the age change.

  • Earlier injury or inflammation of the eyelid may lead to the formation arvæv, pulling in the eyelid, as it banked outwards.

  • Facial Paralysis, the muscles around the eye is paralyzed. This can lead to the eyelid is lax and will come out.

Symptoms of extrovert eyelids

The biggest complaint from people with extrovert eyelids is that the eyes begin to water. Particularly in windy this leads to tears trills down the cheeks. In addition, there was redness of the mucous membranes of the lower lid, if this turns very open.

Consideration of cycling eyelids

There are a surgical procedure right eyelid so that it no longer faces outwards.






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