Definition and causes

Eye late skinsklera, Is a thick, white membrane that covers the entire eye, except the area of pupil and rainbow film (the colored part). There may be inflammation of senehinden, and this is called in light of cases episkleritis and in difficult cases for skleritis.

Late Hindelang Inflammation is aautoimmune reaction. Auto Immune means that the immune system attacks the body's own cells. People who get late skin inflammation, has often already autoimmune diseases such as ledegigt, Crohn's disease and Bechterews disease.

Symptoms of late skin inflammation

Symptoms of late skin inflammation are:

  • Pain in the eye.

  • Your eye turns red if inflammation is sitting in front of the eye.

  • The sight can be affected if inflammation is sitting at the back of the eye.

  • Your eye can lift up.

After the prolonged inflammations or by repeated instances senehinden can be worn and thin. This leaves room for a bulging of årehinden (choroidea), which normally is hidden behind the thick membrane tendon. Årehinden is dark and you can see a dark bulge in an area of senehinden. Here is a danger that there are holes in the membrane, and they should therefore always be seen by an ophthalmologist by suspected tendon skin inflammation.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis made by examination of the eye, ultrasound scan and possibly. blood tests for autoimmune diseases.

Late Hindelang Inflammation is like inflammation of regnbuehinden an inflammation caused by autoimmune conditions and inflammation tempered with steroid preparations (binyrebark-stimulating hormone). In light cases may be limited eye drops, but otherwise we must take tablets, which unfortunately includes several side effects. If there are holes in the eye prevent requires an operation.






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