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An introspective eyelid is, the eyelid is banked inward, so that the row of lashes facing towards the eye. It is almost always the lower lid, which is introverted. In some facing eyelid only for a short period and gives no symptoms. In others, it is a permanent condition that is both annoying and can lead to serious damage to the eye. There is also a state where it is just eyelashes, which is looking into the eye. This is calledtrichiasis, And the symptoms are almost the same as introspective eyelid.

The condition is relatively common in elderly people, since Volume tissue around the lower eyelids become more lax with age. At the same time the muscles around the eye becomes thicker, so the drive in the eyelid changed.

Symptoms of introspective eyelid

Some have no symptoms, apart from that one can see that the eyelid is banked inward. Most, however, have genes as a result of the eyelashes rubs against the eye. Genes are typically:

  • Feeling that there is a foreign body or sand in the eye.

  • Pain in the eye.

  • Tearing.

Complications of introspective eyelid

There may come cornea inflammation and scratched cornea as a result of the eyelashes rubs against the eye. This can affect vision, and at worst it can cause blindness.

Processing of inward eyelids

To avoid complications and to relieve the symptoms, it is necessary to reverse the eyelashes away from the eye. This can be done by an operation in which the resolve of tissue under the eye tightens. Until the operation can be carried out, may be applied a patch that draws the eye lid, so vipperne not affect the eye.







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