The upper eyelids stick up through a small muscle, which sits inside the eyelid. Most of our waking time is muscle tense, but relax, for example, when you blink. If the muscle can not pull itself together or do not have enough power, will eyelid hanging. This called submerged eyelids orptose(pronounced Tose).

Reasons for ptose

The unparalleled leading cause of ptose is old age. With age weaken the connective tissue and muscle that keeps the eyelid in place, and why is it. The mode can be found at one or both eyes. A little less frequently seen ptose by:

  • Diabetes, and here it is because lack of oxygen in the blood. Ptosen usually seen only in one eye.

  • Inborn ptose. Here it must be pointed out that the child does not develop a dovent eye (amblyopi).

  • Myasthenia gravis, a muscle disease that weakens the muscles throughout the body. Here is ptosen worst in the evening and seen in both eyes.

  • Bulging of a blood vessel (aneurysm) or a tumor, pressing on nerve - ptosen usually seen only in one eye.

  • Hortons headache here ptose followed by severe pain, affects only one eye and come in attack.

  • After injuries to the eye can destroy muscle and lead to sustained ptose in one eye.

Symptoms of ptose

Ptose is when the eyelid is more than an inch down over the colored part of the eye (regnbuehinden). It may cover one or both eyes. There is no pain, but it can be annoying not being able to see out of the eye. If ptosen caused by another illness, there will also be a symptom of it (see above).


Although the vast majority of cases of ptose due to old age, one should nevertheless be examined by a doctor when the condition occurs. First, to clarify the cause of ptosen, partly to assess the possibility of treatment. If ptosen caused damage to nerve, eye movements will usually also be affected, and the eye will in the imminent eyelids look outwards and downwards. Attention should seek medical attention right away.

Diagnosis and treatment of ptose

By ptose doctor will check for other symptoms, and from these symptoms will make the appropriate investigations. If ptosen caused damage to the nerve, it will often disappear by themselves after a few months. Therefore waiting here Monday with the operation to be established with certainty that the eye does not come themselves. The operation is designed to tighten Volume tissue around the muscle up, then eyelid lifts over pupil.






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