Definition and causes

Eyelid inflammation is an irritation to the skin and mucous membranes of eyelids. There can be no genuine inflammation with bacteria, or it may be part of various skin diseases such as. rosacea. Most of the area around the eyelashes worst affected. There are also more localized forms of eyelid inflammation, where inflammation from a gland in the eyelid, called the barley-corn.

Symptoms of eyelid inflammation

  • Redness of the eyelids, especially on the edges of the eyelid. There can also be seen redness of the eye.

  • Scaly, and scabs of dried pus on the skin on eyelids.

  • Swelling of the eyelids.

  • Itching in the eye surroundings.

  • Eyelashes sticking together, and the see-saws are easy.

  • Tågesyn by exertion of vision.

  • If eyelid inflammation is part of rosacea, while also seen signs of this as a greasy, scaly slightly furnishing skin of the face and redness of the skin of the face.

Precautions and diagnosis

For the first time we are experiencing symptoms of eyelid inflammation, one should go to his own doctor to get diagnosed. If you have had it many times before, one can often be satisfied with the deal at home. However, always consult a doctor if they have been affected vision. The doctor makes a diagnosis of the classic appearance of the eyelids.

Treatment of eyelid inflammation

Most forms of sudden eyelid inflammation caused by bacteria, why treatment with eye drops or eye ointment containing antibiotics may be needed. There may also be in special cases dealt with adrenal cortical hormones. At the same time, it is important to keep the eyelids clean. You should clean eyelashes morning and evening with warm water on a cotton swab moistened. There may also be used baby shampoo or special cleaning products to the eyelashes.

In some cases there may be a good effect of putting the heat covers over their eyes and then milking secretions from the eyelids. If eyelid inflammation is part of rosacea, it may be necessary to deal with tetracycline, which is a kind of antibiotics. This treatment should not be given to children.

Prevention of eyelid inflammation

If you tend to get eyelid inflammation, it is important to have good hygiene around the eyes. Eye surroundings should be washed thoroughly morning and evening.





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