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Eye inflammation is the popular name for Volume skin inflammation orconjunctivitis. Volume eye membrane is a thin, transparent membrane that covers the eye front and the back half of the eyelids. The booklets settled on the cornea, which covers the eye-colored part (regnbuehinden,iris) And pupil.

Conjunctivae has an important protective function of the eye, and it has often come under attack for example. bacteria, viruses, foreign or allergens (pollen, animal hair and the like.). All these things can cause inflammation of the conjunctivae, which is a very frequent and in most cases harmless condition.

Symptoms of eye

  • Irritation and feeling "something in the eye".

  • Your eye is red.

  • Possibly you are bothered by light.

  • By bacterial infection, eye sticky, it can be difficult to open them in the morning.

  • By allergy eyes itch and run for water.

  • By virus infection can be very red eye, sore and with a closed lymph node in front of the ear. This form is very contagious.

  • In newborns can be quite an eye inflammation caused by Gonococcal clamydia or if the mother has been infected at birth.

  • Infections will often start in one eye and spread to the other after a day or two. Allergies are in both eyes and a foreign body in only one eye.


Eye inflammation caused by bacteria or virus is highly contagious. It occurs frequently in connection with colds or in day care centers, where other children have eye inflammation. Infection can be mitigated by good håndhygiejne and by avoiding sharing towels, handkerchiefs, etc. By infectious conjunctivitis should seek medical attention because the state can develop into the more serious corneal inflammation. If you have contact lenses, you should always consult a doctor inflammation of the eye, since the bacteria can be more ska

By allergic conjunctivitis should be kept in mind, in what contexts symptoms occur. If the cause can be found, it should be avoided as much as possible, whether there is pollen, animal hair, dust mites or cosmetics. See also allergy.

When foreign body in the eye or damage to the eye and subsequent symptoms of eye inflammation can be made a little rule of the cornea. It should therefore have the eye checked by a doctor.

Treatment of ocular inflammation

Bacterial eye treated with antibiotic drops 6 times a day for six days. Pus can be washed off with warm water. When kids start reading, they like to come in the institution again. The viral infections are often treated with antibiotics to prevent bacteria, but are nevertheless of itself.

Allergic conjunctivitis is treated with antihistamines and in severe cases, steroid drops.









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