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Cornea is a thick, transparent membrane that covers the colored part of the eye (regnbuehinden, iris) and pupil. The bordering conjunctivae (konjunktiva), Which covers the whites of the eye. Cornea has two functions: to ensure that we can look sharp and to protect the rest of the eye against bacteria and foreign matter.

When bacteria, viruses or similar penetrates into the eye, there is usually a generaleye. A simple eye sits in conjunctivae and is quite safe. In some cases, an inflammation, however, start in the cornea and givecornea inflammation(keratit). The major causes of corneal inflammation are bacteria and viruses (herpes virus). To these organisms can attack the cornea, it must already be damaged.

If the cornea is hit and damaged by a foreign body (a fingernail, an arm, a metal splinter or through contact lenses), can cause ascratch the cornea. Scratches are usually harmless and not very deep, but they give just bacteria and viruses the possibility of attacks, which gives the cornea inflammation and should therefore be detected and treated.

Contact is the leading cause of corneal inflammation, and if we as a contact lens user experience the following symptoms should seek medical attention right away.

Symptoms of corneal inflammation and scratches on the cornea

By a scratch on the cornea:

  • Usually you can remember to have been something in the eye.

  • Pain.

  • Light annoyance.

  • Blurred vision.

  • Feeling "something in the eye".

By cornea inflammation with bacteria:

  • As a rule of the people with contact lenses or older with dry eyes.

  • Your eye turns red.

  • There is pain, impaired vision and sensitivity to light as a scratch.

  • Maybe you see a gray-white speck in the eye (the pupil or regnbuehinden).

By cornea inflammation with virus:

  • Lurch in the eye.

  • The same symptoms as in the bacterial inflammation.

Precautions and complications of corneal inflammation

If you have a job where you are exposed to metal pieces or similar, you should wear goggles and visit a doctor when symptoms of a scratch the cornea to prevent inflammation.

If a corneal inflammation caused by the herpes virus, it will usually go down by itself within a week or two. It will, however, just as cold, often have several outbreaks a lifetime. Inflammation can spread deeper into the cornea and is difficult to treat. Therefore we should seek medical advice by herpes cornea inflammation every time.

Bacteria can also produce a severe corneal inflammation, which in the worst case, permanent visual impairment. Search therefore doctor if these symptoms occur (especially redness, pain and impaired vision simultaneously).
You must also not wear contact lenses before the eye has healed again!

Treatment of corneal inflammation

Damage to the cornea is most often mentioned as a serious, and it is important to seek prompt medical attention.

The doctor dripping yellow liquid (fluorescin) in the eye, and here we can see if there is an injury or an inflammation of the herpes virus. Bacterial infection can be seen with a special lamp.

Treatment of scratches on the cornea:

  • The foreign body removed if it still sits in the eye.

  • Pupiludvidende drops helps in pain in the eye.

  • Antibiotics-drops to prevent inflammation.

  • Possibly putting a small bandage over the eye in order to give it a little calm.

Treatment of corneal inflammation:

  • If inflammation caused by the herpes virus, given drops against this.

  • If inflammation caused by bacteria, given antibiotic drops.







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