Definition and symptoms of bleeding during conjunctivae

Volume eye skin is thin, transparent film, which is higher than the white of the eye. This can cause a bleeding, which can look frightening off. The area is højrødt and can lift up. The red area is sharply defined against the white skin around, and if bleeding fill the conjunctivae, it can bulge out over the lower lid edge.

Causes and precautions for bleeding during conjunctivae

Bleeding under the eye Volume skin can occur without any particular reason and in these cases is quite safe. It may be provoked by coughing or a newly or infection. Blood treatment, for example. for pre-flicker, increases the risk of bleeds. Here is a bleeding may indicate that the medication is dosed too high, and they should seek medical advice.

If you have received, for example. a sharp object in the eye, you should consult a doctor right away if a bleeding occurs during conjunctivae. It can in these cases cover up a hole in the eye, requiring immediate treatment

Treatment of bleeding during conjunctivae

Bleeding will disappear by themselves within a week or so, and if there are no other symptoms, there is no need to consult a doctor.







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