A barley-corn (in Latin calledhordeolum) Is an inflammation of a glands of the eyelid. There can be either one of the glands, which lubricates the eyelids brink, or one of the sebaceous glands, which sit on the eyelashes follicles. In the latter case corresponds to a state furunkel.

Symptoms of barley-corn:

  • An accumulation occurs in closed eyelids rand.

  • The area is red.

  • There is pain and irritation.

  • Later accumulation filled with fluid or pus.

After a few days barley-corn will burst, and fluid accumulation in will be emptied out.

Precautions and treatment of barley-corn

Discovering that a barley-corn, which is on the way, can the whole barley-corn faster with heat cover. A warm cover the eye three times a day accelerates healing time. In addition, you can gently try to remove the eye seesaw, which sits in the inflamed follicles, as pusset so easy to run out.

Ointment with antibiotics is a good treatment, especially when the bacteria, which formed the barley-corn, often still in the area and otherwise may give rise to several barley-corn in the vicinity.

Select and complications

Barley-corn is quite harmless and often disappear by themselves. However, there is increased risk of developing a new case, once you have had one. A barley-corn can sometimes develop into a "hail grains (chalazion). This is a little hard knot of connective tissue on the inside of the eyelid or eyelids rand. A hail grain is not painful, but it can irritate the eye and give visual nuisance. A hail grain is removed by a very small operation in a local anesthetic.





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