There can be formed three types of tumors in the eye,Malignant melanoma, metastaticandRetinoblastomAll of which are outlined below:

Malignant melanoma of the eye

Malignant melanoma (modermærkekræft) in the eye is a rare disease. There are 50 cases per year in Denmark. The disease is the same as malignant melanoma of the skin. Tumor exit from the pigment-forming cells in the eye, most frequently from årehinden back of the eye, but it can also happen from regnbuehinden or from a birthmark in the white of the eye.

Tumor can sit on conjunctivae in the white of the eye, and discovered why early as irregular, black protuberance, with many blood vessels around them. If the tumor is located inside the eye, it is usually discovered later.

Symptoms of malignant melanoma of the eye may be:

  • Impaired vision.

  • Skewed pupil.

  • Symptoms of the rise in pressure in the eye (as in acute glaucoma).

  • Late symptoms may be, "flies" (small black dots or highlights) of the eyes or a dark shadow (symptoms of retinal detachment).

Not all symptoms are present simultaneously.

Diagnosis and treatment
Malignant melanoma can be seen when the eye doctor will look into the eye background with a special lamp (oftalmoskop) or by an ultrasound examination. Later Prepare a CT or MRI scan, and taking a tissue.

Treatment and prognosis is very dependent on where the tumor is located, and how quickly it is discovered. In early cases can be treated with surgical removal or radioactive rays. For larger tumors, we must remove the eye.


When a cancer spreads to other tissues than where it occurred, called the sowing ormetastasis. Metastases in the eye usually come late in a cancer-cycle, but can be very uncomfortable, because they often result in impaired vision or blindness. Since preservation of vision is very important for the quality of life, you will often jet-treat for the eye metastases, even if the patient is dying. Metastasis However, the symptoms. If metastases sits in the eye cavity behind the eyes, you can get exophthalmus (outstanding eyes).


Retinoblastom is a rare but serious cancer, seen in children under five years. Few children a year develop the disease. It is due to a mutation in a gene, and in some families the disease seems to be often because they carry the gene with a mutation. If you have retinoblastom in the family and develops the disease in one eye, is most likely to develop it in another. The tumor is located in the retina of the eye on the inside rear half.


  • Impaired vision. If the tumor grows and destroys the retina, vision is affected.

  • Whatever. Distinction is a frequent disorder in children and only a minority will result from this disease. Children who skeleton should nevertheless always examined by a doctor quickly.

  • A white pupil. Tumor is white and late stage will be visible through the pupil.

Precautions and treatment of retinoblastom
Since the disease is highly dependent on genes and inheritance, it is important to note, if you have retinoblastom in the family: Before you choose to become pregnant, should confer with a doctor about genetic explanation, and when you born, the child should be checked regularly to detect any possible tumor.

By whatever or white pupil in one child, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Treatment of retinoblastom depends on how fast the disease is discovered. If it is detected early, radiation therapy can save the eye, but if the disease is advanced, it may be necessary to remove the affected eye. Today retinoblastom virtually never fatal, but in family cases, two-sided cases cause total blindness, and early intervention is still paramount.







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