Eyes movements driven byeye muscles. There are six eye muscles for each eye, and they draw the eye in their direction. When the eyes are moving or follow an object, for example. a running car, would the muscles in both eyes have the same signals from the brain, so they can go.

If this process does not work, it will lead to whatever (skeløjethed) and often also, to see everything double, known as double vision. There are two types of distinction, which has various causes:

  • Whatever, caused problems incoordinationbetween the two eyes signals from the brain. (This form seen in children is usually caused by no disease, but just slow development of the fields and inheritance. It is often possible to treat this type of skeløjethed. See skeløjethed in children).

  • Whatever that fault ineye muscles(This type is usually seen in adults and is described in this article).

Reasons for skeløjethed

An eye muscle that does not work, due to both errors in the muscle and nerve defects in the muscle. Reasons for this include diabetes (mostly), arteriosclerosis, brain concussion and diseases of the thyroid gland. Less may be caused by myasthenia gravis, a tumor or multiple sclerosis.

Symptoms of skeløjethed

The main symptom isdouble vision. In addition, other people could see that one eye skeleton. It is not always that you can see a distinction, even if the person is experiencing double vision.

When an eye muscle is not working, it will not be able to draw in the eye, and the affected eye will therefore be unable to look in that direction. This means that the person skeleton most when he looks in a particular direction, the direction in which the muscle normally would pull in. It is also here that the double vision experienced worst.

Since the distinction is usually caused by another illness, will in many cases also have other symptoms of the disease.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you are experiencing double vision or whatever, you should consult a doctor immediately. It is mentioned most often signs of an underlying disease that may be treated, and which can be severe.

The doctor will often ask about other symptoms and blood tests, eye examine the background with a lamp (a oftalmoskop) and possibly. take X-rays or a scan of the brain.

Treatment of skeløjethed

If it is possible to treat the disease, which is the basis for a distinction would often be sighted normally again after weeks to months.

If a distinction is permanent, one can reduce the symptoms of custom-made glasses. In some cases, by one with a moving eye muscle a little forward or back to the eye, avoid whatever - at least when you look straight. If double vision is very annoying, can be a flap of the eye help.






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